School Friends Making Positive Memories

Little did I know it (until now!), but since Christmas, one of Jess’ school friends and her sister have been busy raising money in memory of Jess in all sorts of inventive ways, determined to channel sadness into making a difference. For example, at Christmas, they made and sold crafts and donated the proceeds directly to Candlelighters in Jessica’s memory and they’ve recently made crayons for Isla to sell at school. Furthermore their Dad kindly donated £26 directly to Candlelighters- £1 to represent every mile of the London Marathon he would have run had the event not been cancelled, meaning he had to do a shorter local run instead. What inventive ideas. Thank you! 

This isn’t the first time that school friends have  gone the extra mile (in some cases literally) to make memories whilst raising funds at the same time. In October last year, two of Jess’ school friends, Billy and Charlie, did the Leeds Abbey Junior Dash in memory or Jess. The fantastic £120 that they raised was donated to Candlelighters together with the funeral fundraising. Another pair of superstars, thank you!

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Amazing Progress!

We’re almost at our target! And so what better way to celebrate than with one of Jess’ favourites things- the classic ‘Dab’!

Massive thank you to all those who have sponsored us so far! 😀

Thank yous

When Jess passed away, we didn’t get a chance to properly thank everyone who helped us. So this week I’ve been sending some thank you cards out. They all come sealed with a tear or three. Whilst you learn to live without Jess, it never gets any easier.

Whilst Jess was in the hospital playroom, she loved nothing more than to paint. Thanks to the help of a printer, they’ve made rather nice thank you cards I think…. and it reminds us all to always look for the rainbows when it rains 😀