Fundraising In Full Bloom

Just like my beautiful ‘Jessica Roses’, which are growing at an alarming rate of knots in the garden, our fundraising is in full bloom! I woke to a lovely figure of over £2,000 on the current JustGiving page, which is just incredible given we’ve only been raising for the last 36 hours. 😀 Team Jess are in full training mode now (although we are hoping for swift healing of various knee and toe injuries – no pun intended!), and even saw some keen team members training late last night and early this morning – that is dedication 😀

We’re Growing In Numbers!

Well after an exceptionally great start, we’re already at £1,000! I’m blown away, speechless and incredibly thankful. And as if that wasn’t good enough, a couple have people have been in touch to ask if they can join Team Jess, as well as to talk about other fundraising ventures in memory of Jess …..hopefully more to follow on this second point soon 😀

Off to a Flying Start!

Delighted to have raised over £500 in the first couple of hours of launching Team Jess! 😀 All the support is going to be a massive support to Children with Cancer UK and means so much to me!

Thank yous

When Jess passed away, we didn’t get a chance to properly thank everyone who helped us. So this week I’ve been sending some thank you cards out. They all come sealed with a tear or three. Whilst you learn to live without Jess, it never gets any easier.

Whilst Jess was in the hospital playroom, she loved nothing more than to paint. Thanks to the help of a printer, they’ve made rather nice thank you cards I think…. and it reminds us all to always look for the rainbows when it rains 😀


Welcome to Team Jess, a website dedicated to one of my very most favourite people in the whole world, who aged 8, was taken suddenly by the side effects of Leukaemia. This website aims to document ‘life after Jess’, from the fundraising, to the memories, to the day to day challenges of losing a child. If you would like to get in touch, you can email me at