One Year Gone

It has been a year since you’ve been gone,
We miss you terribly, although we plod on.
It’s felt forever, but at the same time I can’t believe a year has passed,
I remember so well when I saw you last.

Today marks the end of a year of firsts.
The significant times have come in regular bursts.
People say it gets easier, I hope that’s true.
I’m listening to those who have been there too.

So what’s been going on, you may well ask?
Well COVID 19, means we now all have a mask.
It’s an unrecognisable world from the one you knew,
Life has continued to change since we lost you.

Your spirit is warmly felt, and we have lots of pictures and your things,
And you’re always with me, in one of my rings.
I know you check in, once in a while,
Unexpected things happen and they all make me smile.

Team Jess have run, although virtually this year,
To help others like you, be they far away or near.
I’ve put pen to paper and written too,
Publishing articles and poems, inspired by you.

Your old school hopes to recognise you (when COVID means they can),
Your own bench, tree and award was a possible plan. 
In the meantime they’ve planed a sponsored fancy dress,
In memory of you, their good friend Jess.

The school remember you for your music too.
They’ve lost a euphonium player – what will they do?!
I hope the brass band band still plays out loud and proud,
Just like you, standing out from the crowd.

Oli is planning a gaming event,
He loved gaming with you before you went.
He’s raising funds for people who have cancer too,
He wants to help other people like you.

So although I can’t tell you, in person anyway,
That your memories live on, every single day.
You can be sure in the knowledge we wish you were here,
And we will ALWAYS all keep you, incredibly near.