Happy Birthday Jess

Today you would have been nine years old 

Half way to an adult, I would have been told

Except for the fact you’re not here any more

So eight + one is your new age score 

A few things have happened since you passed away

But we still miss you lots, every single day.

With us in spirit, I know that you are 

With your ring on my finger, you’re never very far

We’ve been building a legacy, so we all remember you

To be honest, it’s helped us know what to do

We’ve built you a website, in your name

I think you would have like the minor fame

We’re fundraising lots, £17k raised already

The increase in funds has been nice and steady

So many charities to support, that we could choose

All of who, our support could use.

I’ve told your tale to spread the word

I’ve wanted to make sure that we got heard

You’ve been on Websites, in magazines and have a song too

So many ways we’re remembering you.

Ideas are a  plenty from your old school 

I think you’ll think they’re all rather cool

A tree, a bench and an annual award too

It’s fair to say they won’t forget you

So today, for your birthday, we’re off to the coast

It’s seems a fitting way, your birthday to toast

I’ll play a few pranks, which I know you would have done

And we’ll try to make sure, we have lots of fun

So happy birthday Jess, my mini me.

I hope that you’re ok, wherever you may be.

And watching how much we still miss you.

I hope somewhere you’re celebrating too