Funeral Poem by Jessica’s Nana

Jessica Emma, our little treasure,
The joy she gave us, no one can measure.

So full of energy and zest,
Living life to the full, is what she did best.

A happy, independent child,
So confident, not meek and mild.

You could always hear, if she was about,
Why would she talk? If she could shout.

Biking, scooting, trampolining too,
Music, martial arts, she all liked to do.

Out in the park, to play and to run,
Laughing and smiling, having such fun.

Off to the shop, for a chocolate treat,
Only one bar at a time, she was allowed to eat.

All the rules, she often broke,
With mischievous grin, she liked to joke.

Big brother Oliver, so kind, always sharing,
His love so great, so proud and caring.

So when we’re feeling down and sad,
We’ll think of Jess and be so glad

That we shared her life and loved her too
Showing us how to be brave – that’s what we’ll do.

She will be so missed – that we cannot deny,
Sleep tight sweetheart, we must say goodbye.

Forever in our hearts Jessica,
We will always love you.