Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; a month I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know existed until exactly 3 years ago when Jess was diagnosed.

Despite countless prior GP appointments, Jess’ diagnosis came as a surprise and was incredulously only a month before she passed away. I still can’t quite believe the speed and aggression of the disease. But I owe it to Jess to raise awareness of the speed and cruelness of childhood cancer and to urge everyone to incessantly push for answers if they think something isn’t quite right.

Thanks @gracekelly for raising the profile. I hope sharing Jess’ story helps.

End of The Year – Reflections

End of another year, so I thought I’d take stock,
Once again, I’ve been thankful for the super family and friends that I’ve got.
My first whole year of ‘should haves’ , because Jess is no longer here,
As 2020 began, coping with ‘everyday things’ filled me with fear.

Covid has not helped, keeping us all far apart,
But the silver lining of lockdown was giving ‘Team Jess’ a great start.
With time on my hands, we’ve been able to fundraise and write,
And maybe it might help others, who face a similar plight.

Biggest achievement this year: coping with keeping afloat now,
Still super sad, but coping just about somehow.
A website (or two) have helped document endeavours,
And we’ve made keepsakes of Jess, which we’ll always, always treasure.

Lots still to come on the Team Jess path ahead,
I’ll save details for now, until plans come to a head.
But giving a special Christmas gift, inspired by my amazing super star,
Should help other sufferers feel safer, from medics never far.

So as we close 2020, I look forward to next year,
Moving forward as we must, but still keeping fond memories so near.
Proud we’ve made something positive of something terribly heartbreaking, 
And appreciating the present, as 2021 is awaking.

Proud Mum Moment!

So incredibly proud of one of Team Jess’ youngest supporters, her lovely brother Oli. Not only has he handled losing his sister with incredible dignity, but he’s now sharing his story with Children with Cancer UK – Another ‘Proud Mum’ moment! Visit this link to find out more .

We’ve Just Passed £20K!

I am delighted that we have just passed the £20K fundraising point and we’re still going strong 😀. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d raise so much (and be able to help a number of charities too), so a massive thank you to all those who have supported us! With the challenges that COVID has brought, charities need our support now more than ever.

Off Shoots!

It’s great to see that the Team Jess website has inspired the birth of another website! Really proud of Jess’ big brother for launching Amongst his preteen blogging, (and dabble with website coding!) he hopes to raise awareness of childhood cancer and his fundraising ventures too. Go Oli! 😀

Charity Auction on the Way!

It has been an absolute honour today to receive a delivery from Dame Jess Ennis Hill! I feel so privileged and I know Jess Weaver would have been so incredibly excited. It’s fair to say Jess and I watched a lot of the 2012 olympics together (well I did as she was a baby!) and seeing another Sheffield girl run so well gave me the inspiration I needed to get back to exercise…. never did I think only 8 years later I’d receive a gift from her in the post. From one Yorkshire Jess in memory of another. What an honour.

Now for the challenge of raising as much money as we can via auction for Children with Cancer UK.

World Leukaemia Day

On World Leukaemia Day, it feels a fitting moment,

To raise more awareness, of one of life’s big opponents.

Whilst the medics do a great job, and treatment is helping more.

There are still too many people who aren’t with us anymore.

The disease progresses quickly, with diagnosis sometimes not so easy.

With so many symptoms possible, maybe bruising or being wheezy.

So here’s to fundraising for research and raising more awareness.

To help against the fight, the suffering and the unfairness.

To all leukaemia fighters, I wish you health and feeling well. 

I hope your blood is soon free of those nasty leukaemia cells.

All Kitted Up!

The Team Jess running vests have arrived and I’ve given mine its debut….even in this heat! Thanks Children with Cancer UK. Nice that we’ve got them for the Team Jess warm up run in September as well as the rescheduled Sheffield 10k 😀