Book Launch!

Now also available for digital download on the Kindle Store!

Never ever did I think I’d find myself writing a book; yet here I am! I couldn’t be prouder to launch In Our Shoes, a short poetry book telling Jess’ story as we journeyed through her illness and then began to tackle the heartbreaking process of bereavement.

I’ve very much kept the project under wraps as I’ve navigated the unchartered waters of getting a book published, so I imagine I’ll have a fair few surprised friends to hear of the news; mischief that Jess would definitely have approved of 😀!

It’s available to buy on Amazon, with all profits being donated to Children’s Cancer Charities. I can’t promise it won’t bring a tear to your eye, but if you can spare a bit of cash and would like to have a read, you’d be helping a good cause. Click here to see more.

End of The Year – Reflections

End of another year, so I thought I’d take stock,
Once again, I’ve been thankful for the super family and friends that I’ve got.
My first whole year of ‘should haves’ , because Jess is no longer here,
As 2020 began, coping with ‘everyday things’ filled me with fear.

Covid has not helped, keeping us all far apart,
But the silver lining of lockdown was giving ‘Team Jess’ a great start.
With time on my hands, we’ve been able to fundraise and write,
And maybe it might help others, who face a similar plight.

Biggest achievement this year: coping with keeping afloat now,
Still super sad, but coping just about somehow.
A website (or two) have helped document endeavours,
And we’ve made keepsakes of Jess, which we’ll always, always treasure.

Lots still to come on the Team Jess path ahead,
I’ll save details for now, until plans come to a head.
But giving a special Christmas gift, inspired by my amazing super star,
Should help other sufferers feel safer, from medics never far.

So as we close 2020, I look forward to next year,
Moving forward as we must, but still keeping fond memories so near.
Proud we’ve made something positive of something terribly heartbreaking, 
And appreciating the present, as 2021 is awaking.