Four Years Ago Today

It has been four years since you’ve been gone,
We miss you terribly, although we plod on.
I can’t believe half your lifetime has since passed,
And October 2019 was filled with our lasts.

This calendar date and the exact month leading to,
Contain so many memories of what you went through.
But your illness was short, for that I must give thanks.
Your time on this earth was mainly filled with happiness (and pranks).

So instead of dwelling on this rather sombre day,
I’ll try and reflect in a Jessica way.
Be bold, be brave and move forward at pace,
Everything you did felt like a race!

If I was tell you about day to day life for us now,
I’d tell you we always carry you with us, somehow.
Your love of sausage sandwiches is a new family tradition,
And for each significant event there’s a Jess poem addition.

Your spirit is still warmly felt, and we have lots of pictures and your things,
And you’re still always with me, in one of my rings.
Oli’s back of martial arts, in memory of you,
Your strength and your courage inspires all that we do.

Team Jess have raised lots, you’ve inspired so much good,
So children like you can have a childhood like they should,
Fundraising has filled so many of our days,
Runs, writing books and other ingenious ways.

So although I can’t tell you, in person anyway,
That your memories live on, every single day.
If you can see us somehow, you’ll know how much we wish you were here,
And how we will ALWAYS all keep you, incredibly near.