j.e.s.S.i.c.a is for Espanya (a second time)!

This year was our fourth year of holidays without Jess. Fourth – I can barely believe it. To honour this year’s spelling tradition, we decided the best way would be to repeat the phenomenal success of last year’s trip…. It was a double S in JESS after all! 😂

So back in Barcelona, we enjoyed all of our cosmopolitan faves from last year, together with a few new adventures too. The Barca B football match was perhaps a new highlight for all of the family, where we celebrated victory in our best Spanish with the locals. Jess would obviously have wanted a sporting shirt for the occasion (as became the tradition on our very first holiday as a family of 5), so we enjoyed choosing these with the boys too. But just to add balance, we also enjoyed a phenomenal trip up the mountains to Montserrat, where we reflected and remembered the fragility of life…. (And the Spanish mountain roads – not that that would have scared the fearless Jess!). In between, we loved all that life had to offer; the climate, the food, the environment and the company. And whilst the lack of Jess is still incredibly palpable, I hope we’re doing justice to her memory and all she would have loved to do. Her footprints never managed to make their mark on Barcelona, but her memories and spirit were with us all the way. ❤️