10k Take 1!

So today has been a very special day,

Together with some friends I have run along way.

Between us we’ve managed Lancashire to Leeds!

Jess- Surely that earns us one of your Beads?!

Whilst we’ve struggled and panted as we’ve continued to run,

We’ve tried to be light hearted and still have some fun.

COVID restrictions have hampered our original plan.

So we all had a zoom, after we ran. 

Running in your memory, proving we’re all fit and healthy,

Has helped to make Children with Cancer UK a little more wealthy.

We’ve made something good happen, from you passing away; 

To help other children, the sponsorship will pay.

So thanks to my friends, for supporting, running and being there.

I 100% appreciate your friendship, support and care.

We’ve done something good, Jess would have been proud.

“Thanks Team Jess” she’d be shouting out loud.